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Who We Are

The Enugu State Justice Reform Team was constituted in 2002 with a mandate to coordinate and facilitate the reform of the justice sector in Enugu State.  The Team was conceived by many to be the successor to the defunct Criminal Justice Committee that was in existence prior to 2002. The ESJRT membership covers a cross section of justice sector stakeholders representing both governmental and non-governmental organisations

Our Mission And Vission

Our Mission: To promote an efficient, effective transparent, affordable and independent justice system in Enugu State by identifying and highlighting areas that need reform and suggesting solutions, as well as facilitating the monitoring and evaluation of justice delivery with the cooperation of stakeholders including the donor community.

Our Vision: An efficient, effective, transparent, affordable and independent justice system for all in Enugu State

Enugu State Justice Reform Team

Our Reform Themes


The Legal Framework of Enugu State

Development of

Victim Support Services in Enugu state


And Reintegration of Prisoners


And Accessible Justice

Public Safety

And Crime Prevention

Organizational Development


Enugu State Justice Reform Team

Our Achievements

In 2006, the Team developed its strategic plan for the period 2007-15 under the auspices of Security, Justice and Growth Programme (SJGP) supported by DFID. The Team’s achievements include:

  • Facilitation of the revised Laws of Enugu State-2004.
  • Initiated action for the establishment of Citizen’s Rights and Mediation Centre (CRMC) for improved legal aid-2004.
  • Establishment of automated case management programme in DPP’s office-2004.
  • Initiated action plan for the production and publication of High Court Rules of Enugu State-2006.

Publication of handbooks for Traditional Rulers and Customary Court Judges-2007. Etc

How We Can Help You

Area Of Practice

Advocating For The Delivery Of Justice

 Background:  The Enugu State laws have not had any substantial review since 1958, when the Eastern

Advocating For The Institutionilizing Of Victim Support Services

 Background:   Since 2012, the ESJRT has been implementing a project to research current status of

Advocating For Improved Rehabilitation of Prisoners

 Background:  The Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) currently provides rehabilitation and reintegration services for convicted prisoners. However,

Improving Awareness and Understanding Amongst the Poor and Vulnerable

Background:  The formal criminal justice system is often slow and costly, and so can be inaccessible

Promoting Cross-sect Oral Approaches to Public Safety and Crime Prevention

Background: The voluntary policing sector of Enugu has an important role to play in complementing the

Strengthen the ESJRT’s Administrative and Organisational Capacity

Background: In 2011, the ESJRT reviewed its progress and assessed its internal capacity building needs, in

Heres Our Best Work


Enugu State Justice Reform Team (ESJRT) in collaboration with CAPIO has implemented a project titled “Implementation of the Administration of Criminal Justice Law of Enugu State 2017” with funding from misean cara. The project aims to improve criminal justice system in Enugu State through facilitating the full implementation of the new Administration of Criminal Justice Law of Enugu State 2017. The Law necessitates the introduction of a number of innovations that ensure that human rights of all persons are protected. Hence, the project seeks to sensitize, train stakeholders as well as monitor, support the provision and effective utilization of resources and technologies essential to the full implementation of the law in Enugu State Nigeria.


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