Enugu State Justice Reform Team

About Us

The Enugu State Justice Reform Team was constituted in 2002 with a mandate to coordinate and facilitate the reform of the justice sector in Enugu State.  The Team was conceived by many to be the successor to the defunct Criminal Justice Committee that was in existence prior to 2002. The ESJRT membership covers a cross section of justice sector stakeholders representing both governmental and non-governmental organisations.

In 2003, the Team developed its first strategic plan under the auspices of the then Access to Justice Programme. Again in 2004, the Team developed justice sector strategic plan for inclusion in the State Economic Empowerment Development (SEEDSD). In 2006, the Team developed its strategic plan for the period 2007-15 under the auspices of Security, Justice and Growth Programme (SJGP) supported by DFID. The Team’s achievements include:

  • Facilitation of the revised Laws of Enugu State-2004.
  • Initiated action for the establishment of Citizen’s Rights and Mediation Centre (CRMC) for improved legal aid-2004.
  • Establishment of automated case management programme in DPP’s office-2004.
  • Initiated action plan for the production and publication of High Court Rules of Enugu State-2006.
  • Publication of handbooks for Traditional Rulers and Customary Court Judges-2007. Etc

Our Mission And Vission

Our Mission: To promote an efficient, effective transparent, affordable and independent justice system in Enugu State by identifying and highlighting areas that need reform and suggesting solutions, as well as facilitating the monitoring and evaluation of justice delivery with the cooperation of stakeholders including the donor community.

Our Vision: An efficient, effective, transparent, affordable and independent justice system for all in Enugu State

Enugu State Justice Reform Team

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